Life Lately

Is it me, or is October the fastest month of them all? Followed closely by November, because oh my word, how is it almost Turkey Day?? 

Life lately - we are getting in all the walks, because the weather has been sublime. Warmer than usual, but perfect for outside fun. Our favorite walks include Starbucks, the park, the tennis courts, Taco Mama, Publix, and the downtown squares. Parker also loves off roading through the fall leaves and collecting his faves. 

I participated in Junior League's big fall project - Apple Annie Day. For my volunteer hours I not only packed apples, but also delivered them to the local schools! The Apple Annie official attire? Red tights and a denim skirt. I'm all about the dress-up, y'all :) 

I've also incorporated a new fitness love - group style Pilates!

That's me in the stripes participating in a special Junior League class, and below on another day. The studio is a new, small and local place located downtown, which means it's also walkable for me! Plus, it's darling to boot. I had never worked out on a reformer before, but ya'll, it's so much fun! I absolutely need the accountability and motivation of a group class, so it's pretty much perfect for me. It's set to music like Pure Barre, and very low impact like Pure Barre as well. 

Not that I've given up my beloved Pure Barre!

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and I started it bright and early with a 7 a.m. Pure Barre class! Bonus - I got to use the special pink birthday weights :)

After Pure Barre it was off to the Lyon Family Farm!

The day was cool and crisp, and just perfect. We followed the pumpkin farm with my favorite B&R ice cream cake, and the Melting Pot for dinner. It was Parker's first fondue experience and while he enjoyed the food, he said the restaurant was "too dark", lol.

Also, Starbucks was a must. Obvi. 

I love being an October baby - it's a festive time of year, which makes my birthday always seem so much more special. It's like all the pumpkins are just for me. That's silly, right? But I've heard March babies say the same thing about St. Patrick's Day, that it makes their birthday even more of a celebration :) 

And who else is all about the holiday festiveness? This guy right here. On a side note, he has become quite the little pianist! Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is his jam. He also has quite the imagination and stayed in character as a red dragon for days, not just on Halloween :) 

Hoping life has been just as great to you lately! 


  1. The past two months have flown by!! I can't believe it! Cutest pictures ever, by the way!

    1. Awww, thank you!! Seriously summer streeeeetched on, but everything October on has been a blink.

  2. Because of my November 1st birthday I can get either or at a few Starbucks locations. This year I opted for a Peppermint Mocha!


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