Southern Ladies Garden

It's spring in the South, and apparently this means it's time to "plant your annuals" - something this California girl is so not familiar with - along with tornado warnings and ginormous bumble bees. But the gardening was something I could get on-board with. 

Over the weekend, our Botanical Garden hosted its annual spring plant sale. I was forewarned it was busy and huge, but the place to purchase garden items. I headed over with my wonderful mamma (in from California), sweet toddler Parker, and drive-through Starbucks (because coffee is always a yes).

Little man was loving his wagon time and his special drink (whole milk plus a pump of vanilla syrup - he adores having his very own Starbucks!).

We ended up with pink and orange annuals (Celosias and Marigolds, love this color combo!), plus heirloom tomato starters, herbs and and a yellow kerria plant. 

 We waited for Parker to go down for a nap, then my mom and I tackled our small garden bed in the yard. It was mother-daughter gardening day!

We first had to clean the area up a bit. 

Next we got a shipment of dirt courtesy of husby and we were good to go!

These hot pink annuals have my name all over them. We used them as a border.

We planted herbs on the right, and the tomato plants are towards the back. 

I've really never planted anything before (the Scottsdale desert wasn't the most inviting place to start a garden) so I am twelve kinds of excited to see what happens in this little area!

Are you planting anything this spring??


  1. Yay for gardens!! I've been gardening for years but our season starts a little later up here in the PNW. I just planted out peas on Monday and that's about it!

  2. Looks great! How fun your mom was visiting and got to help too!

  3. I absolutely LOVE reading about adjusting to the south! I live in K'ville, TN..born here, but grew up overseas, and yes, we embrace a lot each season!!! So glad you are loving it and getting settled!


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