Lilly For Target/Pink Sunday

How many of you braved Pink Sunday, aka the Lilly launch at Target?? The prospect of so many super cute items had me out of bed and headed to Target with my sweet mom (in town from California) for the 8AM opening. Fun fact, we almost missed out completely because the last time I checked, our Target Sunday hours start at 10AM (we do live in the Bible Belt). Husby prompted me to re-check that morning and I saw they would be opening at eight, whew! Crisis averted and we arrived in time to see massive lines at both entrances. It was raining, and looking at the throngs of women I told my mom that I kind of just wanted to stay in the car. I really don't like confrontation, and would be way too nice to fight so many people to try to get anything. We wound up lining up anyway. I took note of the teenage girls at the front in rain boots and shorts, and the women my age in their monogrammed raincoats (note to self: I live in the South now and must get a monogramed raincoat. Plus a monogram for our front door - I think we might be the only house on the block without one). Anyway, eight o'clock rolled around, the doors opened, and I totally snapped into survival mode. My mom and I had made a plan while in line to head directly to the home and garden section (we had scoped out the empty display case the day before so we knew where it would be). I didn't think we had a chance getting any clothing with so many people, so we placed our bets on home goods. I grabbed a basket while entering the store and sprinted (I kid you not) to the Lilly home display section. I was the first one there! Granted, this is because most everyone else went directly to clothing. I started grabbing items for my basket and was soon enclosed upon by many ladies. My mom showed up with a cart and we kept filling over the next couple minutes. We headed to clothing, only to find this:

Y'all, that photo was taken at 8:09AM. It took nine minutes for every single piece of clothing to be snatched up. My. Word. Apparently, women swooped in, grabbed all they could carry, and were holding court at the dressing rooms, trading and bargaining for pieces. I mean, I'm sad I missed out on the Lilly dresses, but I would have never survived that. My mom and I strolled past the home section before we checked out and it was pretty much picked clean, too. Southern women are for real. 

I loved that I got to experience it all with my mom! 

And I totally adore all my loot. 

 Putting our matchy-matchy plates into the car - we both snagged a set! 

And Lilly at home! 

Now, dish, did you brave Pink Sunday?


  1. I just LOVE those pillows and the basket. I had my eyes on both and they look fabulous in your house! Can I just say that I had NO idea this was a one time thing?! I thought I'd be able to stroll into Target next week and grab some pillows. Totally missed out. Facepalm.

  2. Nope! I didn't even attempt going. I guess Lilly isn't that big in the PNW as there were still clothing items on Monday. I am so jeal of your pillows and basket. Those were items I really wanted...

  3. I was waiting to read your recap!! I went and honestly didn't expect there to be a big line up here for it in NY. OMG was I under the wrong impression. People were like animals. #preppyhungergames I managed to get 2 dresses, shorts, a tunic, a clutch, 3 makeup bags and then I went to ANOTHER Target and got a bathing suit, two wristlets and a towel. PROBLEMS!


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