PCK 18/19 Months

Height/Weight: 33” (72%), 22 lbs. (29%) – It feels like our big guy is growing by the second! Sometimes I put him down for a nap and swear that he’s bigger when he wakes up

Hair: Sporting dark blonde   

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size Fours and Pull-Ups 2T

Potty Training: Starting at 17 months, Parker began announcing when he made a “poo”. I hadn’t planned on starting potty training for some time, however since he was doing this anyway, we started talking about the toilet and having him sit on it. Wouldn’t you know, by 18 months he had done a “poo” on the toilet! We figured since he was telling us anyway, we might as well have him go on the toilet (and really, not having to change poopy diapers has been awesome!). Parker uses a soft kid seat on top of the regular toilet, and likes reading his potty time board books while on the toilet, and smelling the (unlit) candles I have in the powder bath. He will make a really loud sniffing sound just to show you he's smelling them, and likes to hold them and alternate. It's so odd that it's cute. He gets one M&M for going poo (I know this is totally an old school reward, but he gets really, really excited to pick it from the bowl). 

Clothes: Mostly 2T

Health: Poor little man had a fall at the splash pad last month and fractured and displaced his front tooth. His Ayah was in town and went to the dentist with us where Parker had his first x-ray, and where the dentist informed us he had also fractured his root. Another visit a week and a half later and we discovered his root is healing, but his tooth is still loose so on we continue with his soft foods diet.

Sleep: Alternating one or two naps a day and a nice 10-11 hour overnight sleep

Diet: Favorites recently have been waffles, berries, cheese, milk, black bean burgers, crackers, and ICE CREAM. My goodness, little man will go into the freezer, take out the half-gallon of Blue Bell, take of the lid and hand it to you, signing “more”. He’ll do this anytime and frequently requests ice cream for breakfast (he’s so his mommy’s child). He does a happy dance when he gets to eat it.  

Likes: Riding forward in his car seat and identifying stop lights and stop signs, yelling “air-puh!” when he hears or sees a plane in the sky, music, dancing, placing shaped blocks into corresponding holes, identifying air ducts, identifying exits (he will find every single one in a building and say “eyeh”), rough housing, blowing bubbles on mommy’s tummy, sitting on dadda’s lap at restaurants, hide-and-seek, being read to, coloring with crayons (“gooyuhs”), splashing in the bathtub, and being back together as a family (Parker all day long will say “Mamma Dadda”).  

Parker’s favorite thing to date is escalators. He will run and shriek with glee when he sees them and will want to ride them over and over and over. He also loves riding elevators and may or may not have pressed an alarm button while riding one. Oops. Dada has also introduced Parker to fire - he claps and shrieks with glee when Max brings out a lighter or lights a candle. 

Social: Parker loves waving and giving high-fives. He has started giving hugs and patting, which kills us with cuteness! He continues to love “hiding”, chasing, and playing peek-a-boo.

Milestones: Walking backwards, two-word combinations (dadda byebye, mamma up, dadda airport), recognition and verbal identification of the color blue. I stopped counting words at 18 months (Parker was at 30 words), he now has many more but we kid that he uses only about 10 sounds for all of his words. So, many of his “words” sounds exactly the same (for example “blue”, “pool” and “ball”, or “keys” and “tree”).

Little Man,
You are our everything! We've had a long summer with Dadda working in Alabama and us living in Arizona, but we have officially sold our Scottsdale house and we are on the way to being back in the same state! You love when we are all together and say "Mamma, Dada!" over and over and over! You are full of light, and happiness and energy - you are a little mover and keep us on our toes. You love to observe and watch, and are constantly asking us to name new things for your (fire places, water towers, chimneys, radio towers). It's nothing short of a miracle to watch you learn and grow, and we couldn't feel more blessed to be your parents.
Love, Mamma and Dada

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