On the Move

After months and months of living apart, Max flew back to Scottsdale one last time to help oversee our big move. Fortunately, Max's new job covered our moving expenses so everything was taken care of for us. We had two days of packers, which meant two days of living with boxes (boxes thankfully I didn't have to pack!). 

 Then, the big day came.

Mid-morning progress:

Parker directing the movers, ha!

Starbucks traveler for the win! These babies are awesome - they tote about 12 cups of whatever brew you choose, plus cups and cream are included. By afternoon I was on to iced coffee.

By dinnertime, we still looked something like this.

Mamma knew it was going to be a long night. Little man got in a great day nap but by nightfall his crib had been packed up. Instead of getting really sleepy, he was super energized by all the commotion and was running around wanting to see everything.

Finally, after 10pm, the last of it was packed and the truck drove off.

We commemorated with a family selfie in front of our blank wall and some ice cream on the kitchen floor. I remember looking at this picture and thinking that we all looked ridiculously hosed.

From there we loaded up in Pepper. By this time is was 11pm and Parker was still wide eyed awake. Max and I were saying a sentimental good-bye to our house of four years (and our home city of five) when Parker interjected and said "Bye-bye! Bye-bye!", as in let's get this show on the road. Our plan was to drive north and stay the night in Flagstaff to start off our road trip to Alabama. As we were driving by all the city lights, Parker again said "bye-bye" - we had been telling him that we were saying bye to the house, but I really think it stuck and that he understood.

We arrived in Flagstaff exhausted around 1am. Though he usually never sleeps in the car, Parker got in about an hour of sleep thank goodness. Max and I had a sweet, peaceful trip, so happy to be together and so excited to start our new adventure. Stay tuned for the rest of our road trip to Alabama!

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