Semi-Homemade Pastries

One of the yummy Patriotic treats I made for the 4th were these Red White & Blue Pastries. I found the idea here via Pinterest. The recipe uses puffed pastry sheets that don't even need to be rolled out! Rolling dough is my least favorite part of baking, so I was super on-board with this easy treat! 

I made each component just like the recipe, but instead of combining it all together as the recipe called for, I kept the cream cheese filling as a dipper and put the blueberries on the side. I thought the pastries were so pretty just as they were! 

Pretty and delicious. Max and I polished off the entire batch over the holiday weekend. Check out the easy steps for making your own here! I think swapping out the stars for hearts would make them perfect for Valentine's Day! I'll definitely be making them again come February! 


  1. I think they look a lot cuter when you can see the star in the pastry! Good choice =)

    1. Awww, thanks! Yes I thought the stars were the best part!

  2. Ahh! these are so cute - well done!!


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