Happy 10 Months, Parker Campbell

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Baby Parker! 

Height: 29+ inches

Weight: 18+ lbs.

Hair: More and more! It’s hard to remember that P used to be a baldy little baby!

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: 12 month

Health: Working on tooth number five! Parker also had his first official illness this month: Croup! He woke up the week after Christmas coughing and sounding like a baby seal! A call to the doctor’s office and we were armed with ways to comfort baby, though Parker never ran a fever and was pretty happy the whole time.

Sleep: Little man has not had the greatest month of sleep (and by turn, neither has mamma or daddy!). Parker spent most of the month waking up several times a night, most often screaming. Our poor baby was experiencing teething pain, but even after that passed he kept his middle-of-the-night wake-ups. Right around his ten-month birthday, things started to get better though, and we are now back to sleeping through the night (8:00pm to 7:00am or 8:00am). Parker is also very consistent with needing a morning nap shortly after breakfast, and an afternoon nap after lunch. He goes down for every nap so happily!    

Diet: Parker eats three meals (and sometimes a snack) each day, and still nurses four times (when he gets up, after his naps, and before bed). At Parker’s nine-month check-up, we got the go-ahead from Parker’s pediatrician to basically start giving Parker foods that we were eating. It has opened up a whole new world! Daddy especially is having a ball with this! We started with bites of our baked ziti, beans from our burritos, beef from our noodle bowls, and carrots from our stew. New foods this month included grapes, oranges, and waffles. Parker had his first home-cooked real meal of Chicken Tikka Masala and loved it. I mean, looooved it. It’s a current favorite still. Other favorites right now include banana (eaten whole like a monkey), blueberries (cut in half to prevent choking), any and all citrus fruit, Delicata squash, and anything mommy or daddy is eating. By the way, little man can eat. You’d never guess it looking at his lean frame, but two nights ago for dinner, little man put away an entire orange, a full adult portion of Chicken Tikka Masala, a quarter cup of green beans, and half a potato. And that was an hour after having a snack of applesauce. So on his 10-month birthday, we went out to dinner at Canteena Laredo and decided Parker was ready for the Kid’s Menu! He had a beef enchilada, rice and beans, and finished more than half the plate!

New Experiences: Santa brought Parker a big boy car seat for Christmas so little man has been riding in style! He also (at his insistence) had his first tour of the garage with daddy’s project car inside. He made a beeline for the garage door while leading the way “walking” holding daddy’s hands, so of course daddy obliged and showed him (safely) around. Lately, Parker does not like to see mommy laughing, and gets a very concerned face, which sometimes leads to crying!

Likes: Cutie mandarins (baby boy polished off two whole ones on the flight home from Dallas), swatting at dangling banana peels, watching the clothes dryer, playing his xylophone, flicking buttons on shirts, examining his own hands, splashing the bath water, trying to eat electrical cords, watching the fish in the den, being read to (especially Little Blue Truck, Goodnight Moon, and Where’s Baby?), being tickled under his arms, riding on daddy’s shoulders, being sung to (also playing Patty Cake or Three Little Piggies), and catching glimpses of television screens that are on (we are following the AAP’s advice to limit screen time before age two so Parker doesn’t see the television on at home, but whenever we are out he is fascinated when he sees them!).

Firsts: We had baby’s first Christmas and little man was spoiled with love! Mamma, Daddy and Parker all wore matching Christmas pajamas for the big day and celebrated with Omi and Grandpa in from California.

Social: Parker makes a “gee” sound (rhymes with “knee”) when he’s happy, and has also started doing head tilts when he’s having fun or doing something he enjoys. He has also babbled complete phrases! Parker likes to help turn lights off when we leave rooms. He presses the switch and then watches the light and is oh-so happy.

Milestones: Parker waved for the first time at 10-months! He had practiced doing it sporadically the day before, then just as daddy was taking him upstairs for his nap, he looked at mommy in the kitchen and waved bye-bye! Parker is also standing holding onto furniture, and “walking” holding onto hands. He is showing the first signs of “cruising” (walking holding onto furniture) and can take a couple steps autonomously this way.

Dear Parker,
Happy New Year! 2014 will be your first full calendar year, and my it’s going to be a busy one! You have already visited Texas this year (for Grandpa’s 70th birthday), and will be headed to California later this month (for Auntie’s bridal shower). In fact, you have a round-trip flight planned once a month for the first half of this year! You earned an A grade on the way out to Dallas and back, so keep it up, little man! You are turning into quite the traveling buddy! Your daddy and I are having so much fun with you. We live to see you smile and giggle; our hearts just melt when you give us your precious grins. Your face lights up with joy when you see your daddy walk in from being at work all day; it’s the most precious sight. You continue to be quite the observer, looking at lights, people, windows, and ceilings whenever we are out. You always get tons of comments on how cute you are, and boy can you ham it up! Yesterday at Whole Foods you tilted your head back and forth and gave smiles to all the ladies! We are continuing to sign with you, and while you haven’t done any signing on your own yet, you understand when we sign “more”, “drink”, and “milk”. You also get very excited when we mention bananas or oranges in conversation (so we have to make sure we only say these words if we are giving them to you!). You have been super close to waving on your own lately and finally did it today – twice! We can’t wait to see what the next month will bring, baby boy! You are the light of our lives and we simply adore you.
Love, Mamma and Dadda

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