Baby Boy Turned 4 Months!

Our littlest man turned four months old in July! Here's whats new...

Height: 26 inches (84th percentile)

Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces (28th percentile) 

Clothes: Parker is still wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothing, and is still in size 2 diapers.

Health: Little man has had a healthy four months! He had a bout of baby eczema, so we switched to fragrance-free body wash for him and are now putting lots of lotion on him.
Sleep: Parker had some small stretches of eight and nine hour nights, woohoo!  

Diet: All momma’s milk for the bean, and he’s still saying “no, thank you” to the bottle.

Baby Gear Love: Parker can actually reach out and grab objects now! Then, they go right to his mouth! He especially loves grabbing dangling toys from his play mat, the dangling bird on his car seat, and of course Sophie the Giraffe!

Likes: Parker likes Goodnight Moon (daddy reads it to him every night), being lifted high in the air, mommy singing (ABC’s, Skittamarinkydink, A You’re Adorable, I Love You, Good Morning, Row Row Row Your Boat…) and swimming! He’s a total water baby.

Social: Parker is Mr. Giggles! He laughs when he’s lifted in the air, or sometimes just when he sees mommy or daddy.

Milestones: Little man can fully hold up his head, and lifts his whole upper body and flails his limbs during tummy time. His coordination is getting better every day and he can reach out and grab objects now.  

We live for your giggles and smiles! In the last month you have become very alert and interactive. We are having so much fun with you! Pool time is a family favorite. You love when daddy swims you through the water. You continue to like being on your play mat, on your tummy or your back. You are still Mr. Wiggles and now concentrate very hard on reaching for toys and putting them right into your mouth. You give out sugar to anyone who smiles at you (especially mom and dad), and we think you are the sweetest! 
Love, Mamma and Dad


  1. where did you buy his 4 month old onsie?!

  2. One of my friends made these sweet monthly onesies for us! She printed the images on iron-on transfers and put them on plain white Gerber onesies. She's the best!

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