Our Water Baby

Parker had his first real pool experience a few weekends ago and did so well! The water was still a bit on the chilly side (crazy to believe given that we'd been having 110+ degree days!) so Max kept him pretty close to keep him warm. Parker was curious about the water and smiled and cooed when daddy popped in and out of the water, putting his face close to Parker's.

The week after, we had a swim play date in Phoenix, and Parker and I got to play in warmer water. He looooved it! He was an especially good kicker! 

This past week, we took the bean in our pool a few different times. The water has warmed up to 84-86 degrees, and little man was loving it! Auntie Meredith was so kind to snap some photos for us while we had a family swim...

My mom sent me my own family swim pic from when I was just a couple months older than Parker! So sweet!

Max introduced Parker to the waterfall, but little man wasn't too sure about it.

He loved kicking and being moved around, though!

Especially when daddy went fast!

Max made up a game where he would disappear under the water and make bubbles, which made the bean giggle every time!

Parker is living up to his zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish) and loving his zodiac element (water)! 

A true little water baby! 

He's our whole world!

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