Nine Months!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +35

Maternity Clothes: Are getting snug! I went walking with a neighbor and her five-year-old daughter this week, wearing one of the maternity shirts I bought toward the beginning of pregnancy. The five year old pointed to my bare belly that was peeking out and exclaimed “Miss Mande your shirt is too small!” 

Cravings: Cheeseburgers, chocolate milkshakes, Chipotle burritos, and cold bubbly water with lemon

Movement: Little one has gotten so strong! Kicks and rolls are huge now. The bean also thinks it’s fun to kick my ribs. We had an ultrasound at 37 weeks that confirmed baby’s legs are all bunched up next to my ribs, ready for kicking. Max has taken to calling baby “The Blender” now.

Aversions: Max noticed I’ve been leaving the chicken on my plate whenever I make it for dinner. I usually love chicken, just not really a fan these days!

Symptoms: My body is getting ready for labor! I am dilated 2cm, 70% effaced, and I lost my mucous plug last week! I’ve had a few contractions located toward my back, and the Braxton Hicks come and go all day long.

What I Miss: Eating the batter when I bake. I made Lemon Pound Cake this week and really wanted to lick the bowl!

Best Moment: Hearing over and over from the doctor that everything looks great! She also seems very surprised whenever she looks at my ankles to see that they are indeed not swollen.

What I'm Looking Forward To: The bean’s arrival, of course! 


  1. I just showed Copain your belly and he said, and I quote, "Oh la la!!" hahaha!

  2. You are so close!!! And, you still look FABULOUS!!!!

  3. So close!! I keep checking to see if you've had the baby yet. Can't wait for that post!


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