Happy Birth Month, Baby!

It's March, the month of your birth, Baby Klein! We are so excited that the time is almost here! Mommy is much more apprehensive than daddy, and spends time thinking about when labor is going to start, and what is going to happen! Luckily, your daddy is very good at keeping everything calm. 

We are very curious to know if you are a boy or a girl! And we spend lots of time wondering what you will look like! Will you have a head of dark hair like mommy did when she was born? 

Or will you have peach fuzz like daddy? 

We can't wait to find out! 


  1. i feel like just the other day you announced you were pregnant! can't wait to see if baby klein is a boy or a girl and what his or her name will be. :)

  2. That will be fun to be surprised by the gender. He/she will definitely be a cute baby!


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