Valentine's Eve!

Valentine's Day has to be my very favorite holiday : ) It's also my favorite time of the year to be a teacher since a lot of our stories/crafts/activities can be Valentine/Love themed : ) Tomorrow we'll have special Valentine centers and I get to wear the cute apron sent from my sweet momma:

I'm pretty sure it was meant for kitchen use, but when you're working with seven year olds it's always a good idea to be covered ; ) And, just like my firsties, I have my own valentines that I'm giving out all packed and ready to deliver:

I went with an idea I spotted on the First Grade Parade and made "Love Potion" packs with cute straws and Kool-Aid singles:

And though I love my little firsties, my favorite part of the day will be spending time with my hubby : ) I love getting fancy and going out to dinner, and I am beyond excited for Petite Maison tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek at our menu:

I can't wait! Happy Heart Day, all!

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  1. What precious valentines for your lucky lucky students! xoxox


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