We're Floored

On Sunday Max lost his happy helper as I had to go into the classroom (this is my third different grade within three school years so at times it feels like being a first-year teacher). I also needed to do other fun stuff like put away our Christmas decorations which were still out! (I can see you opening your mouth in horror!) I was around enough to document, though : ) My husband started off the day with his newest toys (table saw and compound miter saw).

The table saw helped narrow the planks down to put along the first wall.

These first strips that go against the wall have to be glued and nailed (opposed to the rest that just get nailed down).

The miter saw does the diagonal cuts which were especially helpful in the corner.

Once the strip against the wall was done, Max rolled out this underlayment (technically this type of installation is called a "floating floor") and then used the air nail-gun to secure the boards.

And here's where we stand right now : )

So we're all set for next weekend to bang the rest of it out! I'm not sure I'll want to use the power saws (I was scared enough using my power sander) but I might give the nail gun a go : )


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