Pepper Meets Projects

My husband was left to his own devices Friday night. Where was I? Oh, home asleep with my new friend the humidifier:

I've been Sicky McSickerson for over a week now. Not fun. To make matters worse, last week was Parent Teacher Conference Week, and on Day Two I lost my voice. I went through the remaining 22 of my conferences whispering, thinking that I was "resting" my voice. Then I found out that whispering it pretty much the worst thing you can do for laryngitis as it strains your voice the most. Oops. So here I am on Saturday, still voiceless and trying to stay in bed and not talk at all.

Back to my husband. Being without me, he thought it to be the perfect opportunity to do something I wouldn't approve of ; ) On a previous trip to Home Depot, we had picked out the baseboards we wanted for Max's office and downstairs. I gave my opinion that we should spend the $50 to have the supplies delivered as the baseboards were really long. Without my voice of reason, this is what my husband did:

Yep, he just plopped them on top of Pepper. Well, he did use a roof rack and some bungee cord, plus those orange flags. And some engineering skills of course. So really, in the end we saved what ended up being $79 and now have the supplies for our next project. Thanks, honey ; )

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