I Dream of T.V.

More specifically, I've dreamt of a television mounted on the wall with no wires anywhere. Yes, just a floating T.V. : ) Max has become quite the wire runner (dropping wires through the walls from the attic for speakers, alarm systems, etc.) but our T.V. is located on the most difficult wall in the house: under a one story overhang : ( Imagine my surprise when Max said he could still do it! It involved lots of magic (or him dropping wire from the attic, through a second story wall, then under the second story floor) but by last week all the wires arrived to where they were needed! As the icing on the cake, Max installed two flush-mount speakers to provide optimal sound. Here are some photos from the journey...

This is where we started... in the words of my friend Miss Parks, "le sad":

We purchased our mount from monoprice.com for much cheaper than you might pay in a retail store (we definitely recommend the site if you're looking to do the same):

Then my talented hubby had to do some magic to get all of the cables to the mount. He started up here on the overhang:

I've learned that holes can be fixed, so this scene isn't quite as alarming to me as maybe it once would have been:

Of course, Max has all of his super-neat tools. Below is a borescope. I thought they only existed in movies. There's actually a scene in some spy-thriller type movie where the good guy uses one of these to look under a door in a hotel room where all the bad guys are playing poker. It's essentially a tiny camera attached with a wire. The good guy can see exactly where all of the bad guys are, and I won't say what happens next, but it's not pretty. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when my husband showed up at home with one of these things! It's actually quite handy for looking inside walls (or floors in this case). What Max is showing here is the floor on the overhang, and if you look closely, you'll see copper tubing for water. It's a little known fact (unless you live in Scottsdale proper) that every building in the city, commercial and residential alike, must have sprinkler systems installed in case of fire. The tubing shown on the borescope screen is full of water and goes to all of the sprinklers on the first story ceiling. Definitely something we'd rather not break:

Once the wire was dropped (without damaging that copper tubing, whew!), we had to fish it out of the wall in exactly where the T.V. would be mounted (notice the holes for the speakers, waiting for their wire as well!):

And then Max made all the cables look all nice and neat:


And my T.V. dream is complete : )

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