But I'm Used to Being First!

I attended my very first painting class (ever) earlier this week at one of our nearby community colleges. I've always wanted to take an art class so I was super excited and of course arrived early. As I watched the instructor pick up the role sheet, I instinctively got ready to raise my hand and say "here" since I'm used to being the first person called from an alphabetical listing. Once in a while, someone beats me, but "Baldini" is pretty darn close to the beginning. So the instructor called out the first name, then the next, and the next after that... and that's when I realized that "Klein" (officially and legally my new name after I visited the Social Security office the day after we got back from the honeymoon - yes, I was excited about this, too) starts with a K, which is the 11th letter of the alphabet. If you factor in how few X, Y and Z last names there are, I'm really towards the end of those lists now!


  1. That's too funny... I was in just the opposite situation for the end of my credential program and everything when I was hired to teach. I went from "P"(near the end) to "A" (and being Ah I'm usually the very first). I remember almost not responding the first time because I was looking around for someone else named Ashley. It's crazy how all of a sudden your existence changes (in such a great way!!)

  2. Welcome to the middle of the pack!


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