My Do-It-Yourselfer

Over the past few weeks, Max has been noticing a rattling sound coming from the door of his Toyota Four Runner. He finally determined that a screw holding the driver side mirror must be loose. He told me that it needed to be tightened, to which I replied: You should take it into the shop. This is what Max did instead:

Yes, he took the panel off the door, all by himself. No, he had never done this before. This is when I had to tell myself that he is an engineer, he is a Ph.D., and he has been taking things apart and putting them back together since he was a toddler.

Max pointing to the offending screw:

Max finishing up before putting the panel back on. Now it's good as new! Once again, I don't think there's anything he can't do : )

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  1. ah, yes, that's my boy!.....just ask him about 'user serviceable parts inside'.... ;-)


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