Walk Like A Phoenician

Max and I spent this past weekend taking advantage of the fun events being offered in our new community. Phoenix alone is home to over 1.5 million people, so it seems like something is always going on...

Saturday morning Max and I were Early Birds, arriving at our local high school (located just a couple blocks from our home) at 6:00am for their Community Sale. Though we didn't find any treasures for our house, we did get a kick out of one of the high school students working at a booth who we overheard saying that she had been up since 6:00am the previous day, just because it was easier to stay up all night than wake up so early on a Saturday. I think this reminded Max of his own high school days pulling all-nighters to attend the Electronics Fairs : )

Saturday night, Max and I went to Acua, one of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. Each restaurant that is involved offers a three-course dinner menu at a discounted price - what a wonderful idea! Acua was my choice since it is located in Scottdale's Waterfront area which we hadn't been to prior. Unfortunately, it was maybe the most difficult eatery to find as it is located on the water and hidden from the walkways. One phone call to the restaurant (asking for directions) from my problem solving husband, however, and we were at their very modern doors. Acua serves "Contemporary American" cuisine, and this Comtemporary American couple highly enjoyed the meal as well as the wine pairing that came with it - yum! We also were happy to discover this hopping new area, and are excited to return with visitors!

Every year, the Arizona Ballet offers a series of free outdoor performances in September known as "Ballet Under the Stars" to kick off their regular season. Sunday night, the ballet was at a park located in Glendale. Just like it sounds, the stage is located outdoors and guests bring chairs and blankets to sit on. The performance started off with excerpts from Swan Lake and also included my favorite of the night, parts from Don Quixote. The costumes for this number were just beautiful. No, Max did not have to sit through the ballet; I took my old friend from Junior High, Krissy, as my date. Max did promise to attend the Nutcracker in December, though, and I will definitely hold him to that!

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