Finn 10 & 11

Oh, Finn Edward. You are the exclamation point on our family sentence. Born into a house of first-borns, you remind us every day that you, sir, are different. Determined to prove sibling theory correct, you display all the hallmark characteristics of a classic second born. While the rest of this house is cautious and structured, you have been rebellious and dramatic since day one (when you arrived so fast that Dada and the nurses barely got the table pulled out for your delivery, nevermind that there was no medical doctor in sight).

From that day forward, you protested LOUDLY anything and everything that wasn't to your liking. These days, that includes diaper changes and getting dressed - both of which activities you spend wrestling with such physical force that I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But oh, have you made all of our lives better in every single way. We cannot remember a time without you and your infectious giggle (even though, yes, there's a fair amount of trouble lurking behind it!). You have kept us all on our toes for the past eleven months and I believe that you'll continue to do so forever. You're happiest when you're climbing or beelining for the most dangerous item in the room. Your proud smile when you pull yourself up to standing is just the cutest thing ever, and it lets us know that walking is just around the corner (heaven help us).

This past month was an unprecedented one for the books with a global pandemic that put a stop to social life as we knew it. For the past three weeks we have been essentially "sheltering in place" to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Alabama is in a weird in-between with all schools and non-essential businesses closed, however we're not technically on a stay-at-home order, though in this house we're acting as if we are. Among cancelled plans, though, was your first trip to Dallas to visit the grandparents and this missed opportunity is one of the saddest for us (we'll make it up as soon as we're able!). Dada's company is actually on the essential list even for a shelter-in-place order so he's still been going in when he has to and working from home when he can, and he's also the one doing the grocery shopping for us now (once a week which is much less frequent than what we're used to). I'm not sure how much of all this you notice - it actually might mean things are better for you since we are no longer on big brother's schedule, carting him to school and lessons and practices, and we can now just play at home all day and go for walks. You now wake up around 6:30AM, and have two 1-3 hour naps (one at 8AM and the other around 1PM or 2PM). You nurse when you wake up, after your naps, and before bed. You continue to LOVE real food and insist on feeding yourself. Recent favorites include tamales, fresh mozzarella, steamed apple slices, raspberries, roasted sweet potatoes, and now that you have FOUR teeth, whole bananas eaten like a monkey. Yesterday you ate five apples over the course of the day, and last week you had an entire carton of raspberries in one sitting - you know what you like! You enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and The Beach Boys, but (to Mama's horror) you prefer Dada's heavy metal music. You'll dance to any of it. 

Pre-quarantine seems like a lifetime ago. Leaving the house, eating at restaurants, traveling by plane! These activities are so foreign now. But back when Finn turned ten months old, we were still completely unaware of what was ahead.

This month was our last "business as usual" month for some while. We attended the HSO's family day (Finn's first symphony experience), we made a short trip out to California where Finn met his cousin Sophie for the first time, and Finn "voted" in his first primary! The Costco photo below is especially eerie, since that same aisle these days is just decimated after the mass panic purchasing of all paper goods. Hoping everyone is "staying safe and staying home" ♥


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