Summer in the South

This is our fourth summer in Alabama. I can't even wrap my mind around that fact! Granted, I spent twenty-six summers in California followed by six in Arizona, so Alabama is still low on the totem pole for seniority. I suppose it's reversed for Parker, who spent his first two summers in AZ and has now spent the majority of his life in The South.

Living in Alabama is something my former California girl mind couldn't have fathomed, but now that we've lived a considerable amount of time in three very different places, I can say that I'm super grateful for the opportunity. It lets me compare each place, and really reflect on the things I took for granted while living there (the Mediterranean climate of the Bay Area, the saguaros of Scottsdale). And true to form, an Alabama summer is nothing like Arizona or California's. It doesn't reach 120° and the asphalt at the airport doesn't melt rendering air travel impossible (Scottsdale), and thunderstorms roll in on the regular here (I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand all the summer California storms I experienced).

We are embracing everything Summer in the South has to offer, including weekdays at the community pool...

Dinners on the deck...

Concerts in the park...

And yes, rolling with the punches when we're on our way to the pool and a storm comes in. The storms just seem to come out of nowhere (truly) and we've had a rainy walk on several occasions. 

One such storm brought a branch down in our front yard right onto a power line (again, something unheard of in Scottsdale since the power lines are all buried there). It brought an evening of entertainment for these two!

Whereas I have found my new summer hobby in cross stitching!

Long live summer!

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  1. My son would have loved that big truck in our yard, too! It probably would have made his summer. Even though you haven't had the greatest of luck all seaon, it looks like you are rolling with the punches and enjoying your time together to the fullest!!


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