Life Lately - Holiday Edition

Merry December, y'all! Here's what we've been up to during this most wonderful time of the year...

We headed up north (just a twenty-minute drive) to Valley Christmas Tree Plantation to pick out a real Christmas tree. Parker was very insistent we do a real one this year (he and I put up an artificial tree last year since Daddy was away in the U.K. for a chunk of December), and I was all too happy to agree!

Two years ago we made the one-hour drive out to Thornhill Tree Farm (read all about it here), and while we missed all the bells and whistles of that location (animals, a train, a toymaker, hot chocolate) we were happy just to be at an actual farm to see all the trees growing, and stoked that the location was so close to us.

We're still swimming in fall leaves over here, which Parker is all about. Give him a pile to jump in and he's set for the day 😉

And true to Alabama weather norms, our thirty degree days are followed by seventy degree ones.

There's been lots of festive coffee for this Mama...

And fun Christmas foods for this fella. 

Plus, the return of Lady, our elf 😊

Donuts FTW.

Happiest of holidays from our party of three!


  1. I don't really want to admit this but I miss Texas during the Christmas holiday because it's so nice and sunny, making photos a breeze to snap. The lighting is the best.

    1. Oh my gosh, I drive husby CRAZY trying to get natural lighting for photography. The struggle is real!


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