Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

39 weeks and one day ago, I was 39 weeks and one day pregnant, and very much in labor about to give birth to our baby Klein (whose gender was still unknown to us!). This was literally less than an hour before Parker was born!

Meeting Parker for the first time...

 And Parker's first portrait, courtesy of daddy of course.

Just a couple hours after Parker's arrival (we were so in love and so amazed at the birth process!)... 

Today marks the crossover - Parker has officially been in the outside world for the same exact amount of time that he grew in my belly! We now have a bright eyed, drooling, giggling, bouncing baby boy. The past nine months have been so amazing and Parker has grown so much!

Each day as a parent is such an adventure, and we are so thankful to have sweet Parker as our son. 

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