PCK: Seven Months Old!

The bean is now seven months old! Here's what new...

Height: 28 ½ inches

Weight: 17 lbs.

Hair: Parker is getting more and more hair! He’s no longer my little bald baby, and instead has lots of light brown hair (still concentrated in a Mohawk in the center of his head).

Diapers: Parker is still in size three Little Movers from Huggies.

Clothes: Little man is wearing 9-month and 12-month sizes.

Health: Baby boy is getting his very first tooth! Max noticed it while we were feeding Parker dinner just a few days before he turned seven months old. It’s just a little sliver so far, coming in on his bottom left. 

Sleep: Parker has been sleeping nights in his own room for a month now! He goes down around seven-thirty or eight, and wakes up between six-thirty and seven-thirty. Mamma and daddy are twelve kinds of excited about this, and feel very lucky that he has become such an awesome sleeper. We still remember those first few months when Parker woke every few hours all night long…the first time Parker slept for four hours in a row, we (in our delirious yet giddy sleep deprived state) started chanting “Four more hours! Four more hours!” Of course, he did not sleep four more hours after that, and instead woke after two. I’d like to think that we paid our sleepless dues and will now have a solid sleeper. I’ll knock on wood. As far as naps go, Parker still takes one morning nap, and one or two afternoon naps.

Diet: Parker eats like a champ! He loves just about everything! The one food we discovered that he’s not a fan of is yellow squash. After repeatedly spitting it out, he actually closed his mouth and turned away from the spoon, but opened right back up for a bite of sweet potato! This month’s new foods included green peas, apple, mango, pear, parsnip, blueberry, chicken, spinach, and (in honor of autumn and October) pumpkin! I’ve continued cooking and pureeing all of little man’s food myself and I still find it so much fun to do! Parker eats a morning meal (baby oatmeal plus a fruit like apple, banana or blueberry) and then eats dinner when we do (usually two veggies and now chicken!). He nurses five or six times a day (after refusing to take a bottle so many times, we haven’t even tried to give him one in weeks and weeks now!).

Baby Gear Love: Parker is loving stuffed animals lately, especially ones that play music! We’ve been using the Bugaboo for nighttime family walks several times a week (and sometimes just Parker and Mommy walks in the morning). We changed it from the cradle setting to the upright seat and little man just loves looking around at the houses, cacti, trees and animals. Sophie the giraffe continues to be Parker’s very favorite toy. 

New Experiences: We have started using baby sign language with Parker! We sign for eat, more, please, thank-you, drink, book, milk, fan, apple, peas, carrot, and banana.

Likes: Sucking on his index finger, listening to stories and songs, eating (especially sweet potato), chewing on anything (especially Sophie), going on walks, sitting up, toys that play music. 

Firsts: Parker took his first trip to daddy’s home state of Texas this past month!

Social: We moved up to the next level class in music! This class is for babies aged 6-14 months so Parker loves to watch the crawling and walking babies! 

Milestones: Around six-and-a-half months, Parker went from sitting up for only seconds at a time to being able to sit up completely on his own! He loves to sit, and now spends Mommy & Me Yoga class sitting on the blanket in front of my mat instead of laying down. 

Sweet Baby Boy,
Your daddy and I think that you are boatloads of fun right now! You are at such an interactive and happy age! We love making you giggle and spending time as a family playing, reading, walking, or just snuggling in bed. You are beginning to communicate more with your legs, feet and hands. You kick and kick and kick when we feed you something you like to eat (like blueberries) and smack your arm on your highchair if you want more fast. We just love mealtime, even though you usually make a big mess! You like to play with us, but are also content sitting and playing on your own, pushing around toys, turning them over and of course putting them all in your mouth. You still go in your swing sometimes, usually while I’m making dinner. You listen to the classical music it plays and watch me cook. Someday you can be my little sous chef! You like to stand in your yellow car walker, and can even “walk” using it! You still love watching the fish in the aquarium, and will crane your neck if you’re in the den so you can see them. You stare, just fascinated! Daddy went to Norway this month and you had fun face timing with him while he was gone. You get the biggest smile when you see his face on the screen. Sweet Parker, we just love watching you grow and can’t wait to see what’s next!
Love, Mom and Dad

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