A Day in the Life with a Six Month Old

I haven't documented a "Day in the Life" since the bean was 12-weeks-old so I thought it was time for another one! Here is a typical Tuesday for our almost seven-month old...

6:45AM Max and I wake up to the sounds of little man over the baby monitor. Parker has been an amazing sleeper lately (11-12 hours at night), and has been sleeping in his own room upstairs for almost a month now! Max goes upstairs to the nursery to get Parker and brings him into our room so I can feed him in bed.

7:00AM Our little family of three snuggles in bed. We play with Parker and read him books, then Max gets ready for work while Parker and I stay cozy in bed.

8:00AM Parker is a sleepy head so I put him back down in his nursery and kiss Max good-bye as he heads off to work. I take the chance to get some laundry started.

8:30AM Parker is up and giggling and cooing! We play and sing in the den, then I put Parker in his high chair so I can get his breakfast ready. I pureed some steamed pears the day before so I heat them up and make Parker some baby oatmeal. Little man is the best audience! I tell him everything I'm doing and feel like I have my own cooking show.

9:00AM Baby oatmeal and pureed pear for breakfast! 

9:30AM Finishing up eating - little man is beginning to get cranky which means it's time for his morning nap.

9:45AM Parker is cleaned up from breakfast, changed out of his jams, and sleeping in his crib. Mamma takes this time to get some breakfast and tidy up the kitchen! 

10:30AM With the dishwasher and washing machine running, I open all the screen doors to let the cool morning air in. Loving fall! I start my mise en place for the night's dinner (Beef Daube) until I hear Parker on the monitor. 

11:00AM Little man is up from his nap and I nurse him in his room. I take him downstairs and he watches me fold laundry until it's time to leave for Mommy & Me Yoga.

12:00PM We are settled in the studio and ready for yoga! Little man spends Mommy & Me classes now sitting up at the front of my mat instead of laying down. He's the best little yogi and always gets lots of compliments on how calm and mellow he is. Go, Parker! 

1:30PM We are home from yoga and I nurse Parker and put him down for his afternoon nap. 

2:00PM Mamma gets to eat!

2:30PM I finish off the beef stew I started earlier and put in in the oven to slow cook for 2 1/2 hours. 

4:00PM The bean wakes up. He eats and we read and play in his room, then I spend some time organizing it and putting things away while he "talks" with his giraffe friend. 

6:00PM Daddy arrives home from work! We put Parker in his stroller and go on a twilight walk of the neighborhood. Autumn in the desert is beautiful! 

6:30PM Dinner time! Chicken & carrots for little man (both cooked and pureed and already in the fridge), and Beef Daube for mom and dad. 

7:00PM Bath time for little man! We are still bathing him in the kitchen sink. Parker can't get enough of the stream of water coming from the faucet - he thinks it's the neatest thing! He's mesmerized by water in general, actually. 

8:00PM Our bedtime routine: We put little man in his jams, daddy reads Goodnight Moon, then Parker nurses one more time before we put him down to sleep. 

8:30PM Max is a sweetheart and does the dishes as I tidy up the kitchen and put away bath stuff. Our plan had been to watch the Homeland that aired and taped the night before, however Max (jet lagged from Norway last week) requested that we save it for another night. I pretend to be sad but I'm ready for bed, too! 

9:00PM Good night! 

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  1. I love seeing how other momma's spend their days!! I never understood why moms needed nap time to get things done until Mia became mobile... now I get it! She is into EVERYTHING!
    Parker is so cute and SO big now!
    Also, I'd love the recipe for your beef stew?!


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