Kid Tested, Mom Approved: Go-To Gear

I'm linking up with Vanessa at Sunflower State of Mind today to share the baby gear that has served us well from 0-6 months! These are all items that we have used consistently for the entire time, and that have made the past six months easier and more fun, for Parker and for Mom and Dad! 

1. Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame
We have used the Chicco Keyfit Carseat from day one, and opted for this frame instead of using a full out stroller. I'm so glad that we did! I love that it's small and light. It takes up very little space in the trunk and when we're out and about, and needs just one hand to fold up. Of course we'll need an actual stroller when Parker transitions out of the infant carrier, which will be happening very soon...

2. Boppy Play Gym
Another item we have used from the beginning, this fun and colorful play mat! Parker used to lay on it like a little bean, not moving but staring at the colors and mirror while either on his back or his tummy. It's been so much fun watching him transition to batting at the hanging toys, to actually grabbing them and putting them in his mouth! Now at six months, Parker sits or stands up (assisted) and loves to play. This mat is how I get to shower most every day - I bring it into our Master Bath and it keeps Parker entertained long enough for a quick shower. These days, however, little man is such a wiggle worm that I pop my head out continuously just to check on him. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to switch my shower strategy in the near future!

3. Goodnight Moon Board Book
We started board books as soon as we took Parker home from the hospital, though it took a few months before he actually started focusing on the pages and following along. Although we go through a number of different ones every day (I suppose this happens when mom is a former teacher), the tried and true classic Goodnight Moon is Parker's favorite. He seriously kicks with excitement as soon as we bring it out. It's his very last book before bedtime always, and is usually read by dad. As a teacher, I know the importance of repetition for emergent readers, and though Parker is obviously not at that stage yet, I know that the consistency of something familiar should give a sense of security and routine. All we need to do is say the phrase "Goodnight, moon" and immediately little man is calm and focused.

4. Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing
We had this sweet swing set up for some weeks before little man ever arrived. We placed it in the kitchen, and I would look out at it as I was making dinner, imagining the baby that would soon be rocking inside. This swing has been perfect for our growing little man. It has adapted very well from cradling him as a newborn, to providing swing time as a six month old (yes, we are still using it!). When he was younger, he would take tons of naps in it. I use it more now as a fun distraction for him while I cook. I get to explain to him what I'm doing (I feel like I'm the host of a cooking show!), or we'll just listen to the classical tunes that the swing plays. As a bonus, it has a light show (which has always mesmerized him), and a mobile of lambs which he loves watching and grabbing at.

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  1. LOVE that swing and book...totally favorites in our house!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Couldn't agree more with ALL of your picks! I have a 4 month old so we are in the thick of it right now. Have you chosen a stroller or carseat yet when the Chicco is outgrown?


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