PCK: Two Months Old!

Parker Campbell Klein,

How are you two months old already? Time is flying by! I remember counting the hours after you were born, celebrating by singing “Happy Birthday” at 5:01am when you turned 12 hours old. Then it was days, counting your lifetime in three days, five days, ten days... then weeks, and now months! You woke up this past Saturday to mommy and daddy singing to celebrate your two month birthday.

This month has been filled with lots of smiles and lots of movement! You are a wiggle worm, just like you were in mommy’s tummy! You haven’t rolled all the way over yet but you can roll onto your side, and you love to kick and flail and shimmy downward when you are on your back. You are an expert at tummy time now and do such a good job of holding your head up high (though it usually ends in a big thunk down).

You are still a great eater and like to nurse every one to four hours. You have the chubbiest arms and thighs, and the cutest, roundest cheeks! At one point you were such a chunk that daddy said your head was like a basketball with a little chin poking out! You have leaned out a bit with your last growth spurt though. You are now 24 inches long, and weigh 12 pounds 2 ounces! That’s the 86th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight. You are wearing size 3-6 month clothing, though you are too long for lots of onesies in this size!

This month, daddy traveled to the UK for his first business trip since you were born, and you were an angel for mamma! Daddy missed you so but we talked to him each day and sent lots of photos to him. He was so happy to see you when he returned! Daddy especially loves when you smile and laugh and coo at his jokes. We know you don’t actually understand what’s going on, but we must say that your timing is impeccable!

You continue to love listening to music, and we can’t get enough of the little “dance moves” that you do! Your smiles and babbles fill our hearts with happiness; we couldn’t love you more.

Love, Mamma and Dad

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