6 Months Along :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +20ish

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been breaking out the summer maternity ensembles since we’ve had a bit of a November/December heat wave here in Scottsdale!  

Cravings: Jalapeño anything! I ordered jalapeños on my hamburger over Thanksgiving in Dallas (which I’ve never done before) and was piling them on leftover turkey! Still loving jalapeño kettle chips and most recently jalapeño popcorn!   

Movement: Little one moves like crazy every night starting around ten and must move all night because I wake up to dance parties in my stomach! The bean was moving all about at my 25 Week check-up and the doctor called baby a Wild Child!

Aversions: None these days though if I get too hot I get nauseous which is not fun.  

What I Miss: Nothing… well, I’d take one or two nights of good sleep without getting up a zillion times.

Best Moment: Watching the bean move from the outside with Max!

What I'm Looking Forward To: More holiday fun while preggers!

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