Miscellany Monday

A New Tune...

I'm in my third week of my new job! I took a long term sub job teaching music to kinder, first and second graders! 

I'm doing a Music and Literacy type curriculum, so we do lots of sight word songs, plus classics and at the same time I hit the music standards like keeping beat, marching in time and basics of reading music for the second graders.

I see a kinder class, a first grade class and a second grade class each day. The job is part time, so I work afternoons only : )

As an added bonus, I'm at our local school which means a five minute commute! I read in Real Simple just last week that the average commute is 25 minutes 6 seconds, so I'm thrilled to be coming in at just a fifth of the national standard! 

Ready for Fall...

I realize it's a bit early to be anticipating fall, but in my defense it's all you have when you live in a climate of 115 degree summers (and, even the grocery stores have started to put out Halloween decor!). In my eagerness, I've already picked up this candle from Bath and Body Works: 
And this hand soap, my favorite scent! 

Then I found this cute plate online: 

And fun letter blocks, too! When is too early to start decorating for Halloween? 

Music to My Ears...

I had to download the latest single from T-Swift when it came out last week! Radio personalities were bashing her for "regressing" in her singing/songwriting, saying that the song sounds very high school.

Of course, the country superstar can do no wrong in my eyes so I'll definitely be buying her newest album, which comes out in October on my birthday! Yay!

Our Own URL...
Sometime ago when the .co domain registration landrush began, Max tried for the domain name klein.co. He had been trying for years to get klein.something (anything) but every extension was taken (klein.com, klein.net etc.). We got lucky and were able snag klein.co before it went to auction. If you head to the browser bar at the top of the screen, you'll notice that this blog now lives at http://blog.klein.co :)

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  1. I'm with you - can't wait for fall and cinnamon and pumpkin scented EVERYTHING!!


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