What I'm Loving Wednesday!

First, deep into summer mode, I'm loving these bright, fun new nail stickers (and having a pool in our 114 degree heat).

I'm also loving the peonies I picked up on sale at Safeway. They're my very favorite shade of pink.

I'm loving this little snorkeling Santa ornament that we brought back from Cayman. On our trip to London last year, we picked up an ornament for our Christmas tree so we have started a new mini tradition.

I'm loving that summer = more time for cooking!

Finally, I'm loving playing around with the Canon 40D and all of Max's lenses! The 40D is actually the SLR we bought for diving, and the one all of the underwater photos were taken with (Max wasn't ready to take his nicer 5D Mark II underwater). The 40D has now become the Mande-Practice Camera. I had no idea how much time and work went into SLR photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), but I'm absolutely loving all the things these cameras can do!


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