A House With Stairs

One of my students today overheard me tell another teacher that we are closing on our house soon. "What is closing?" she asked, and I explained that we are buying a house. "You're moving?" asked another, and I said yes. Then silence (this is very rare in Kindergarten). Finally, (from another student) "But who's going to watch us?" I realized that my precious little ones thought I would be leaving them! I assured the class that I would still be at school everyday, and that Dr. Klein and I would still be living very close, we were just going to a bigger house. "A house with stairs?" (I adore their Kinder minds.) "Yes, a house with stairs!" This was followed by lots of oohs and aahs, although I think Max and I are just as excited at the prospect of "a house with stairs" ; )

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  1. What a cute story... be careful what you say around those little ones. You never know what they are going to repeat and who they are going to tell. Missing your blog updates now that you are working. Hope you are doing well.


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