It's Official!

I am Arizona's newest Kindergarten teacher! One of the elementary schools in the Paradise Valley School District (the district we actually live in) experienced an increase in student enrollment and decided to create a new Kinder class - with me as the teacher! My new little peanuts will have their first day in our new room (Room 407) on Monday! In the meantime, I have been in the classroom everyday preparing for the munchkins. I feel especially blessed to have this position with all of the current education budget cuts, though I did go through a bit of a trial gathering all the Arizona-specific paperwork before I signed yesterday (nothing a trip to the state Department of Education couldn't fix). After teaching fourth grade for four years, kindergarten will be a totally different experience and I am excited to keep growing as an educator, and thrilled to have this challenge.

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  1. So excited to hear about your first day in Kindergarten!!! If you need ideas don't hesitate to call. I remember those days all too well. Congratulations...


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